Benefis Executive Leadership

  • John Goodnow

    Benefis Health System
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Terry Olinger

    Benefis Acute Care Group President

  • Forrest Ehlinger

    Benefis Health System
    Chief Financial Officer

System Leadership Team

  • Kathie Avis

    Native American Programs & Population Health Research
    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Amy Beames

    Benefis Health System
    System Senior Vice President

  • Carl Bruesch

    Benefis Medical Group
    Director of Finance and Financial Analysis

  • Paul Dolan, MD

    Benefis Chief Medical Information Officer

  • Rayn Ginnaty

    Benefis Hospitals
    Vice President of Nursing

  • Ann Graff

    Benefis Health System
    Human Resources Vice President

  • Peter Gray

    Benefis Senior Care
    Executive Director

  • Greg Hilpert

    Benefis Radiology & Lab

  • Dan Hollow

    Benefis Health System
    Foundation President

  • Bruce Houlihan

    Benefis Health System
    Director of Regional Finance

  • Louie King

    Benefis Teton Medical Center
    President and System Vice President

  • Deb McCracken

    Benefis Health System
    Chief Risk & Corporate Compliance Officer

  • Janelle Nelson

    Montana Independent
    Healthcare Alliance Executive Director

  • Terry Preite

    Benefis Spectrum Medical

  • Greg Tierney, MD

    Benefis Medical Group
    President, Benefis Health System
    Chief Medical Officer

  • Julie Wall

    Benefis Health System
    System Vice President, Quality & Safety