Native American Welcoming Center

Bridging the Gap between Cultures

As a community hospital, Benefis Health System is deeply committed to providing quality healthcare to all. Benefis is focused on an important community need – enhancing its care to Native American patients and providing quality healthcare resources.

The result is the development of the Benefis Native American Welcoming Center, a 1,200 square foot area designed to welcome Native American patients and their families and to better serve native people in our region. “We want to provide a great patient experience to Native American patients,” says Deb Nader, Benefis Patient Advocate who is overseeing the Native American Resource Center.

The Center serves as:

  • a hub for health information resources.
  • a place for family members to gather.
  • an area for meditation or traditional prayer.
  • a kids' corner.
  • a contact point for reservation hospitals, clinics and families.
  • a cultural diversity training center for Benefis employees and volunteers.

Benefis appreciates the collaborative efforts of Tribal leaders from Great Falls, and the Native American community members from various professions, who volunteered their time and energy to help make the Benefis Health System Native American Welcoming Center possible. “The development of a Native American Welcoming Center at Benefis has been well received,” said Phillip “Papoose” Rattler, the Blackfeet representative on the Advisory Committee. “This Center is a good idea and has been needed for a long time.”

The Native American Welcoming Center Advisory Committee members are:

  • Wanda Allen (Fort. Belknap)
  • Daryl Brockie (Fort Belknap)
  • Darryl Gray (Great Falls Indian Community)
  • Mary Ellen LaFromboise (Blackfeet)
  • Eldon LaTray (Great Falls Indian Community)
  • James Parker Shield (Little Shell Chippewa)
  • Norm Peterson (Indian Family Health Clinic)
  • Phillip “Papoose” Rattler (Blackfeet)
  • Renita Watson (Rocky Boy)
  • Loni Whitford (Rocky Boy)

For more information about the Native American Resource Center, please call 406.455.5197.