After Hip Replacement, Patient Calls Surgeon a 'Miracle Worker!’

Doug Miller, 67, began driving a school bus to pay off a sports car, but he continues as a way to help his community.

“I look on it as a civic duty,” he said. “We are so short of bus drivers.”

Doug has been a school bus driver for a dozen years, but he was nearly forced to turn in his keys because of a failing hip.

Doug didn’t realize he had a bad hip until one day he walked off the golf course in agony. The next morning, he couldn’t walk.

An X-ray revealed he needed a new hip, and Doug connected with new Benefis orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jace Bullard.

“When he walks in the room, you know he’s a person of expertise,” Doug said. “I had no apprehension about having this surgery done here. There are competent people, and it was so impressive from start to finish.”

It also helped that Dr. Bullard assured Doug his golf swing would be better.

“The people at Benefis were fantastic,” Doug said. “The orthopedic ward – everybody was awesome. The nurses, CNAs, even the food lady had a great attitude. I didn’t want to leave.”

Doug had the surgery in September and was in the hospital for two days.

He was off work for five weeks. He was doing so well he asked to go back to work early. Doug danced through the waiting room ahead of a follow-up appointment proclaiming, “Dr. Bullard is a miracle worker!”

The new hip is “making a great difference,” Doug said. “I had been walking with one leg twisted out. I’d try to straighten it, and it wouldn’t work. After Dr. Bullard did this surgery and with physical therapy, I’m walking straighter than I ever have before.”

Doug has had a total left knee replacement, two total shoulder replacements, two rods put in his back, and both ankles fused. The hip replacement was easier than any of those, he said.

Doug was Dr. Bullard‘s first patient, and Dr. Bullard has celebrated Doug's success.

“Three of my own children use the public bus system, so I appreciate how important people like Doug are,” he said. “We need to keep people working, finding meaning in their lives, and contributing to their families and communities. In addition, think of what it means for those kids first thing in the morning to have a happy bus driver!”

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