DAISY Award Winner Sarah Beach Went 'Above and Beyond'

Sarah Beach, RN, who works on the Pediatric Unit, provided personal, compassionate care not only for her infant patient, but also the baby’s mother, who nominated Sarah for the award. She wrote:

My daughter was admitted to the Pediatric floor at 5 days old for bilirubin phototherapy. My husband and I are first-time parents. Everything, including what this hospital stay would entail, is new and somewhat foreign to us.

Sarah immediately made us feel at ease with her warmth, humor, and sharing her own experiences as a mother. She had a never-ending supply of warm blankets to keep my baby comfortable and was beyond gentle when handling her.

The new mother was experiencing significant discomfort post-C-section, and Sarah stepped in to help. 

While I was not her patient, she extended what amount of care that she could, bringing me warm beverages and a compress to ease my discomfort. She went above and beyond helping our entire family in those moments.

"Above and beyond” were words echoed by Sarah’s managers and co-workers as they described her dedication to her patients, especially the children being treated for psychiatric conditions. Sarah has a passion for providing them with the one-on-one attention they often need.

“It’s important for me to establish a caring relationship,” she said.

Sarah has been establishing caring relationships at Benefis since 2018. She joined the Pediatric Unit last June after graduating from nursing school.

At the DAISY ceremony, her parents revealed their “Proud Mom of a Nurse” and “Proud Dad of a Nurse” T-shirts — the same shirts they wore to celebrate her graduation.

“It was embarrassing then, too,” Sarah said with a smile as the trio posed for a photo with Sarah’s young daughters.

The whole family, including Sarah’s husband, kept the ceremony a secret for over a week. It was an overwhelming and touching surprise. Sarah was moved by the nomination, noting how special it is to be recognized by a thankful new mother who needed a bit of care herself.

Benefis presents the DAISY Award quarterly. To nominate a Benefis nurse who has touched your life for a DAISY Award, visit Benefis.org/DAISYAward.

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