Benefis Nurse Lisa Brown Honored with DAISY Award for Her Role in Twins’ Arrival

When elementary teacher Sierra Rutledge was rushed into the operating room for an emergency C-section, her husband, Patrick Jewell, couldn’t make it in time for the birth of their daughters. Instead, Benefis nurse Lisa Brown stepped forward as Sierra’s support person.

“Lisa held my hand through the entire procedure and talked me through everything that was happening,” Sierra said. “She was a calming force in the OR with me. I didn't feel anxious or worked up because she made me feel safe. She is the reason that I was okay during delivery without my husband.”

daisy award winner

Harper and Finley arrived shy of 34 weeks and weighed 3-4 pounds. Lisa reassured Sierra that the tiny twins were healthy, even though they would spend time in the NICU. She then went to find Patrick to assure him his wife was OK.

“He could feel secure in being in the NICU with our girls while I was being cared for,” Sierra said. “The 5 minutes it took for her to talk with my husband made the world of difference on this hectic day.”

Lisa is Benefis’ latest winner of the DAISY Award, an international recognition of extraordinary nurses. Benefis presents the award quarterly.

The award highlighted Lisa’s “heart of gold,” her desire to make sure her patients and their families have the best possible experience whether with their first or fifth baby, and her passion for educating new moms, their partners, and other nurses.

Lisa, who has been with Benefis for 35 years, said she loves being part of a pivotal moment for patients.

“My whole thing is it’s the only opportunity we have to help a family launch the adventure of a lifetime,” she said. “Nothing is better than to touch their lives for a few minutes – and what a few minutes.”

daisy award winner

Sierra called Lisa “an extraordinary nurse and a first-class human being” who is “exactly who I would want to care for any of my family members in their time of need. I know they would feel safe, secure, and well cared for.”

Lisa also was the babies’ NICU nurse one afternoon and reassured Sierra that it would be OK to leave them for a break with Patrick. Her girls would be well cared for.

“She took the time to sit with me and talk through how the twins were doing,” Sierra said. “My husband and I both left the hospital feeling a little lighter in the shoulders.”

Sierra and Patrick brought their twins to the presentation of Lisa’s DAISY Award, and Lisa gathered both babies into her arms. Sierra assured her everyone was doing well.

Lisa’s family, colleagues, and Benefis leadership also cheered her on at the award ceremony.

“I don’t do this by myself,” she told her colleagues with tears in her eyes. “This is for all of you guys.”

The DAISY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization recognizing nurses and the incredible care they provide. The foundation was established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at age 33 from an autoimmune disease. More than 4,500 healthcare facilities and schools of nursing present DAISY Awards.

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