Angel Fund Donors Stand with Family After ATV Wreck

In 30 minutes on a recent Sunday afternoon, a birthday party turned from scenes of fun, family, and cake, to “a horror movie” of screaming, blood, and panic after a wreck left 13-year-old Cory Amelsberg crushed beneath an ATV.

The wait for help seemed to last an eternity, but Cory’s family cherished each moment, expecting it would be their last with their boy.

Cory suffered a skull fracture, a ruptured spleen, a shattered humerus, and lacerations on his back. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) was leaking from his ear, clots were in his brain, and something neurological affected his right eye and lower lip. 

Benefis doctors made the call that Cory needed to get to specialists in Seattle. His mom, Heather, flew with him. His dad, Arin, borrowed money to make the drive to Seattle.

“Just about everything was stressful and challenging in Seattle,” Heather said. “The second night I was there, I didn’t even have enough money to get my car out of the parking garage. I sat and cried and thought about sleeping in the car.”

After receiving an Angel Fund grant, Heather could afford a few essentials and some clothing – a relief after days in clothes she wore when they left Great Falls. 

Heather is the sole provider for their large family after Arin had to have a foot amputated six weeks before Cory’s wreck. She was out of work for two weeks, and Angel Fund donors helped her family cope with that as well.

Because of a helmet and a team of EMTs, sheriff’s deputies, Benefis Mercy Flight, and dedicated medical providers at Benefis and Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Cory’s story didn’t end with an ATV wreck at age 13. He’s healing, cognitively normal, and enjoying the extra attention.

Because of Angel Fund donors, his family knew comfort in their time of crisis.

Tomorrow another family will be in the Amelsbergs’ shoes, hoping for a miracle for their injured or sick child and in need of your help. 

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