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What you are doing is pure kindness

The 221 Children’s Fund was established by Cory Smith, owner of 221 Industries in Great Falls. A “brother” fund to the Angel Fund, “two-two-one” assists families with medical expenses, prescriptions, and equipment. It can also send a child, 18 and under, to camp to cope with a debilitating disease, fulfill the lifelong wish of a terminally ill child, or help in other ways.

“What you are doing is pure kindness. You are helping families who are not only struggling with the emotional rollercoaster of special needs, but also struggling financially. Because of your help, we can get the treatments and therapies our baby girl needs. She is improving more than anyone thought possible.”

– Mom from Chester, MT  

If you think the 221 Children’s Fund can help your family, please reach out to Benefis Foundation at 406-455-5840 or