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Benefis LabWorks

Benefis LabWorks mission is to provide affordable direct-to-the-consumer testing, the convenient solution for all your medical laboratory needs. LabWorks is a service of Benefis Spectrum Medical and they’re committed to providing a new innovative approach to lab tests and wellness screenings.

Why LabWorks?

Preventive testing and early detection of disease is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many diseases can develop without symptoms, such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease and different types of cancer. LabWorks provides consumers with an option to take control of their health with a simple in-home routine lab test that can help detect many medical conditions.

LabWorks Saves You Money

LabWorks offers an array of lab tests with or without a physician’s referral, empowering individuals to help reduce health care costs while taking control of their health. LabWorks will help save as much as 80% off retail lab tests. Your LabWorks results can be taken with you to your next doctor’s appointment allowing you to spend more quality time with your physician for a more in-depth discussion about your health concerns.

Convenient In-Home Testing

Benefis LabWorks goal is to provide superior customer service by a professionally trained and dedicated staff, which will ensure quality tests with the most accurate results. To order your in-home lab tests call 406-727-9322 to schedule an appointment today.

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