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Help Premature Babies

Qualified mothers within the community and around the state can now donate their excess breast milk to help premature infants in need.

Benefis Hospitals is working with Prolacta Bioscience to provide 100% human milk nutritional products to babies in their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Through this program, moms from the Benefis Hospitals community can select a Prolacta-affiliated milk bank that best meets her needs.

Breast milk provides the best protection against many illnesses and offers ideal nutrition for any newborn baby, especially for those most fragile. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for a year or longer for optimal infant development and wellbeing.

Benefis Hospitals and Prolacta Bioscience have established standards of quality and safety in all its products and services. As such, donated breast milk is tested and processed to provide premature babies with a superior 100 percent human milk diet.

When mothers of premature babies are unable to breastfeed, other nursing mothers may be able to provide the life-sustaining benefits that their own breast milk can offer.

Click HERE to learn more about how you can provide an extraordinary gift to premature infants in our community.

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