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Benefis Sletten Cancer InstituteWhere hope lives.

Welcome to Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute—“Where hope lives.” We encourage you to explore our site to learn more about our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. Our expert physicians, nurses, clinical team and staff extend to you an invitation to be treated as though you are a member of our family—with compassion, respect, warmth and dedication. Please call us today at 1.866.466.6822 to see how we can help you or a loved one beat cancer.

Our Mission

To deliver superior cancer treatment, services and support through comprehensive programs that integrate caring for patients with research, education and compassion.

Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute’s approach goes beyond basic cancer treatment. We also offer a broad range of support services, from accommodations at our Gift of Life Housing facility to support groups for patients and families. Our Image Center helps patients cope with the visible effects of cancer treatment. And anyone is welcome to stop by our Cancer Resource Center to explore a complete library of cancer-related materials.

Those are just a few of the ways Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute helps the whole person—mind, body and spirit. It’s all part of “Our Promise” to our patients:

  • You will have access to the best medical treatment available.
  • You will be treated with respect, dignity and professionalism.
  • You will have access to the only Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist (BCOP) in Great Falls, and 1 of only 5 in the entire state.
  • Your treatment options will be carefully reviewed with you so you fully understand your choices and can make the best decision for you.
  • We will do everything we can to relieve your pain and anxiety.
  • We will provide as much support as possible through patient navigation; support groups; resources and education to help you and your family maximize your quality of life.
  • Your heath care wishes will be sought, respected and followed and we will always listen to you.
  • We will respect your spiritual and cultural beliefs.
  • We will do all we can to see that you and your family will have the opportunity to make the best of every day.

To find out how we can help you or a loved one, please call us at 1.866.466.6822. We are here to help you through your cancer journey—every step of the way.