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Scholarship Information for Students

  • Our General Healthcare scholarship application encompasses several scholarships for nursing & advanced healthcare education & certification. Deadline is June 1.
  • The Terry L. Jackson, M.D. Memorial Scholarship for students in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Great Falls College-MSU is the only exception. Deadline is October 1.
  • Medical students—please note that separate scholarships are now available and are designed specifically to support students pursuing a Doctor of Medicine degree or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. Deadline is June 15.
  • Students who were awarded scholarships the previous year can complete a Renewal Application, which goes through the same selection process. Deadline is June 1.
  • There is one application for all available scholarships: A committee of volunteers looks at the information in each application, matches applicants with the scholarships the applicants qualify for and awards scholarships based on the individual applicant and the funds available.

The Benefis Foundation’s Healthcare Scholarship Program is designed to help students from Great Falls and the surrounding region pursue their dreams of becoming healthcare providers.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, Benefis Foundation has awarded more than $1.38 million in scholarships to students pursuing a degree, certification, or advancement in a medically related field since the program began in 1998.

General Healthcare Scholarship Application