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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

Whether you have joint pain or decreased joint function and are considering joint replacement surgery, Benefis Health System offers the regions premiere joint replacement program. Our highly trained, board certified physicians utilize the latest advances and technologies in joint replacement surgery, all in a new state-of-the-art surgical center.

A dedicated nursing staff provides superior care for you during your surgery and will work closely with physicians and therapists to get you back home. Once you’ve returned home your recovery process will continue to be directed by our dedicated team of physicians and therapists.

Joint pain, whether caused by arthritis, fracture or other conditions, may impair everyday activities.  The benefits of joint surgery are to reduce or eliminate pain, improve strength, restore range of motion, improve appearance of deformed joints and help you resume your normal activities, getting you back to work or play.

Pre-Op Education Class

Benefis gives a Pre-Op Education twice a month to help you to know what you can expect before and after your surgery. To register for the class, call 406.455.3650. 

We’re located at The Orthopedic Center of Montana, 1401 25thStreet South. Call us today at 406.455.3650.