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Lifeline® Medical Alert Service

Lifeline® Medical Alert Service

Philips Lifeline gives the confidence and freedom to continue living independently because help is just seconds away! Lifeline is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) which enables individuals to remain in their homes because someone is standing by to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week - all at the press of a button.

And now, the Lifeline Medical Alert Service has even faster access to help with its new Lifeline with AutoAlert option, which provides an added layer of protection by automatically placing a call for help if a fall is detected and you can't push your button. Now you can get help two ways: Simply press the AutoAlert help button anytime. Or, if a fall is detected and you are unable to press your button, AutoAlert will automatically call for help.

If a Lifeline subscriber needs help, one press of a lightweight, waterproof button activates a small in-home unit called a communicator. It puts the subscriber in touch with a caring staff member who asks what kind of help is needed. The staff member then calls a relative, friend or neighbor - "responders" identified by the subscriber who will come to the home to check on him or her. If professional help is needed, such as an ambulance, the staff member will call for it immediately. If the subscriber presses the button but is unable to speak, the staff member knows exactly what to do. With Lifeline, your health and well-being is our only concern.

To assist in the subscription process, here are the Lifeline forms and schedule. You may print and complete the forms for processing:

  • Lifeline Lease Agreement - VIEW
  • Lifeline Free Installation Agreement - VIEW
  • Lifeline Care Plan Agreement - VIEW
  • Lifeline Equipment Waiver - VIEW

Don't let a delayed response time affect you! Call Benefis Lifeline Services today at 406.727.9322 or 1.800.544.7813 for information about easy installation. Or check the Lifeline Corporate website at WWW.LIFELINESYS.COM/CONTENT/HOME

Important Safety Information Regarding the Wearing Method of Your Lifeline Personal Help Button

It is important that you and/or your caregiver consider the following information related to your Personal Help Button wearing method to determine which wearing method is most appropriate for you. These wearing methods are common throughout the medical alert service industry.

Pendant Styles

The Classic and Slimline Pendants are worn around the neck; this helps make the button accessible by either of you hands.

Caution: The Pendant's neck cord is not designed to break away. Therefore, it can pose a choking risk, including the possibility of death and serious injuries. This may apply to wearers in wheelchairs, using walkers, using beds with guard rails, or who might encounter other protruding objects upon which the cord can become tangled. Wearers for whom this is a concern may wish to consider the wrist-style button.

Wrist Styles

The Slimline Wristband and Temp Watch are worn around your wrist. Caution: In circumstances where the user's arm that is not wearing the Wristband or Tempo Watch becomes immobilized (examples: due to stroke or arm being trapped under a heavy object), this can present a risk that the user will be unable to press the button.