Papoose Rattler Memorial Native American Welcoming Center

Bridging the Gap between Cultures

As a community hospital, Benefis Health System is deeply committed to providing quality healthcare to all. Benefis is focused on an important community need – enhancing its care to Native American patients and providing quality healthcare resources.

The result is the development of the Papoose Rattler Memorial Native American Welcoming Center, a 1,200 square foot area designed to welcome Native American patients and their families, and to better serve native people in our region.

The Center serves as:

  • a hub for health information resources.
  • a place for family members to gather.
  • an area for meditation or traditional prayer.
  • a contact point for reservation hospitals, clinics and families.
  • a cultural diversity training center for Benefis employees and volunteers.

Benefis appreciates the collaborative efforts of Tribal leaders from the following Reservations: Rocky Boy, Blackfeet, Fort Peck and Fort Belknap; and the Great Falls Native American community members from various professions, who volunteered their time and energy to help make this Center possible. “The development of a Native American Welcoming Center at Benefis has been well received,” said the late Phillip “Papoose” Rattler, the Blackfeet representative on the original Advisory Committee. “This Center is a good idea and has been needed for a long time.”

For more information about the Papoose Rattler Memorial Native American Welcoming Center, please call (406) 731-8216.