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Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is the branch of cancer care that uses chemotherapy and other medicines to fight cancer. Medical oncologists also act as leaders of your cancer care team, coordinating your overall care.

Your medical oncologist at Benefis chooses medicines that work best for your individual condition. They are part of a care plan designed specifically for you.

Medical Oncology Treatments

The medical oncology team here at Benefis uses the latest medical therapies available. Depending on your specific type of cancer, you may have one or more of these:

  • Biological therapy. This type of therapy uses substances derived from living organisms or made in a lab to mimic these substances. One type of biological therapy uses antibodies, which are produced in the body to fight disease.
  • Chemotherapy. These are drugs that kill fast-growing cells, which includes cancer cells. Chemotherapy can also help keep cancer from returning or keep it from spreading.
  • Hormone therapy. There are medicines used to treat cancers that use hormones to grow. These medicines either block hormone production in the body or interfere with how hormones work.
  • Immunotherapy. This type of therapy uses substances that help your own body fight cancer by boosting your immune system or training it to attack specific cancer cells.
  • Targeted cancer therapy. This type of therapy uses drugs or other substances that target specific aspects of cancer cells to block their growth and spread.

Comprehensive Care

The cancer care team at Benefis uses proven therapies to treat all types of cancer. Our care includes leading-edge radiation and surgical treatments as well as our advanced medical oncology therapies. Count on Benefis for comprehensive cancer care that always keeps you at the center of your team.