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Culturally Sensitive Care and Support

At Benefis, we believe it’s important to provide quality healthcare to everyone in our community. Through our Papoose Rattler Memorial Native American Welcoming Center, we offer a warm, friendly environment and a variety of services that support the traditions and culture of Native American patients and their families. The center is located on the first floor of Benefis' East Campus, North Tower.

Highlights include:

  • Central hub for health information and resources
  • Comfortable, welcoming place for family members to gather
  • Contact point for reservation hospitals, clinics, and families
  • Cultural room for smudging ceremonies
  • Quiet area for meditation or traditional prayer

In some instances, smudging can be arranged in patient rooms. Benefis West also offers a smudge room, which can be reserved through the nurses station.

Center Services and Resources

We offer a number of resources for those who come to Benefis from out of town — for either immediate family members of patients or patients who travel here for an appointment. We offer access to:

  • A fax machine, copier, computer, and phone for calls related to the patient
  • A light meal
  • Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate
  • Free, temporary housing (as available), and referrals for local, affordable lodging
  • Referrals for clothing and other basic necessities, local churches, and other resources
  • Reservation newspapers

The center is made possible through collaborative efforts of tribal leaders from Rocky Boy, Blackfeet, Fort Peck, and Fort Belknap reservations and the local Native American community members who generously donate their time.

To contact the Papoose Rattler Memorial Welcoming Center, please call (406) 455-5197 or toll-free 1-800-544-9121.