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DPHHS is funding six substance abuse treatment programs across the state to implement a pilot project with intensive training and technical assistance on TRUST (Treatment of Users of Stimulants), an evidence-based model to address stimulant use disorder. The pilot will not only help people with recovery, it will also provide an opportunity for DPHHS to evaluate its efficacy and the feasibility of eventually including the model for Medicaid reimbursement.

It is a three-phase project beginning with sixteen hours of intensive staff training over the first eight weeks followed by weekly sessions on implementation. Implementation begins in the second phase and lasts twelve months. Staff will continue to participate in monthly mentoring/coaching calls once fully implemented. In the third phase, which is the post-pilot period, grantees may be asked to assist in future training and/or to extend their project. Led by Dr. Stephanie Burcusa, Clinical Director of Behavioral Health at Benefis, we intend to enroll at least 30 individuals. In addition to counseling and stimulant use disorder therapy, the project provides for patient incentives for treatment compliance and also places emphasis on the importance of exercise for each patient. Benefis staff have completed the initial training and are now in the second phase and beginning to enroll patients.

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For more information about TRUST Grant program at Benefis or to make an appointment, call (406) 455-2367.