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Critical Care Ground Transport

With our critical care ground transport vehicle, Benefis can get to those in need during moments of crisis — no matter the weather.

Our Mercy Flight program has been saving lives since 1983. But what happens if the weather is not right for flying or if the helicopter is already in use? Benefis now has a critical care ground transport vehicle to be used when the Mercy Flight helicopter is not an option.

Specialized Team in a Specialized Vehicle

Our critical care ground transport vehicle is designed to navigate tough terrain and equipped for providing high-level patient care. A specialized ground transport team will be selected according to the need of each call and may include:

  • Driver with emergency medical technician (EMT) basic training and specialized driving skills
  • Registered nurse (RN)
  • Paramedic
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Obstetrics team

Our Services

We provide critical care services, including:

  • Trauma response
  • Critical care emergency medicine
  • Cardiac life support
  • Care for high-risk pregnant women
  • lntensive care for newborns

This vehicle is not for emergency calls around Great Falls and will not respond to 911 calls. Critical care ground transport may be dispatched:

  • When the Mercy Flight helicopter is grounded by bad weather or already in use
  • To bring patients to Great Falls from rural locations that don’t have adequate local ambulance resources
  • To transport patients from the hospital in Great Falls to the Mercy Flight jet at the airport in order to fly to a different hospital out of town
  • To transport admitted patients between Benefis Health System campuses