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Lifeline Offers Help When You Need It

Philips Lifeline lets you continue living at home independently – with the reassurance of knowing that help is just seconds away. The Lifeline personal emergency response system is a lightweight, waterproof button you wear as a pendant or a bracelet. It connects you with response representatives who are ready to help, 24/7.

You can get assistance in two ways:

  • Push the button, and talk to someone right away.
  • If you fall, and you’re unable to push the button, AutoAlert can detect it and places a call for help automatically. The AutoAlert option provides another level of security for peace of mind.

It’s comforting to know someone is always there for you if and when you need them.

How Lifeline Works

When you press the button for help, it activates the communicator – a small device you keep in your home – and:

  • It puts you in touch with a response representative who asks you what type of help you need.
  • The representative then calls someone you’ve identified as a responder – either a relative, friend, or neighbor who will come to your home and check on you.
  • If you need medical attention, such as an ambulance, the representative calls one immediately.
  • If you press the button and you’re unable to speak, the representative automatically calls your responder.


Make sure help is available when you need it. For more information, call Benefis Lifeline Services at (406) 455-5839 or (800) 544-7813 or visit Lifeline.