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Sierra Johnson Waltari, Licensed Aesthetician

sierra johnson waltari

Sierra Johnson Waltari is a licensed aesthetician who brings a passion for skin health to her profession.

Sierra offers microdermabrasion (physical exfoliation), chemical peels, and therapeutic masks at Benefis Med Spa and is taking new patients.

“I enjoy getting to know all kinds of people and helping them achieve their optimal appearance,” she said. “It can restore confidence women and men have lost over the years.”

Treatment begins with a consultation to discuss goals, expectations, and budget. An initial DermaSweep facial combining exfoliation with a skin solution customized to the patient’s needs can be followed by additional DermaSweep treatments or leveled up. Treatments aim for a clearer complexion, helping with acne scarring, fine lines, and pigmentation.

Sierra trained at the Montana Academy of Salons and True Life Canvas.

When Sierra’s not at Benefis Med Spa, you might find her enjoying the outdoors with her husband and son. She likes camping, live music, traveling, and spending time with her family.