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Results Sports Enhancement Program

The Benefis Health Results program is the premier sports enhancement program in Great Falls. Developed to help student athletes improve technique, increase flexibility, and build strength in an injury-free setting, the program aims to help you reach your full athletic potential and give you an edge over the competition.

The Results program accepts athletes in all sports, from age 12 through college.

Proven Training Methods

Our trainers have over 20 years combined experience as certified strength and condition specialists. We have trained more than 200 athletes, with many expanding their athletic careers to participate in college athletics and beyond. Results pushes athletes with proven training methods using specialized equipment to help you reach new levels.

Individual, Group, or Team Training

Results is available year-round and works with your schedule to provide individual athlete sessions, group classes, and team training both in Great Falls and outside our surrounding area. We offer the following classes:

  • Individual athlete sessions. Individual training focuses on sport-specific technique, body alignment and proper form with use of our specialized equipment. Equipment includes the Vertimax platform for plyometric training, a vibration platform , the Proprio Reactive Balance System, and our highspeed treadmill. Choose from either a six-week/12-session series or eight-week/16-session series. Individual training is offered at the Benefis Orthopedic Center or at the main Peak Health & Wellness Center.
  • Group classes. These sessions are provided to groups of five to 10 athletes training with a sport-specific goal. Choose from either six-week or eight-week sessions. All classes take place at the Benefis Orthopedic Center.
  • Team training. Team training is offered to teams during pre-season to help athletes kickstart their season. It can also be done during the season to keep athletes in optimal condition so they will peak for playoffs. Choose from either six-week or eight-week sessions. Training comes to you – either in Great Falls or our trainers will travel to your location if you are outside our surrounding area. Prices vary with team training, depending on team goals and location.

Maximize Your Potential, Dominate Your Game

Call Results today to learn more. Call Katie at (406) 731-8964 or Dan at (406) 731-8963.

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