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Safe, Secure Living for Those With Memory Loss

If someone you love has a memory-related condition like Alzheimer’s disease, they need special care. Benefis memory care staff is specially trained to create a safe, supportive environment. Your loved one is surrounded by patient, caring professionals who are experienced in working with older adults with dementia or cognitive problems.

Benefis offers 24-hour supervised care, medical management, and assistance with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. We provide a stimulating, nurturing environment that keeps residents engaged and comfortable. Our facilities have sophisticated security systems to keep residents safe at all times.

We understand how difficult it is when a family member has memory loss, so we offer guidance to help you stay connected with them. We keep you well-informed about their health and support you and your family during a difficult time.

Enriching the Lives of Seniors

We take a whole-person approach to ensure residents at our memory care facilities lead a full, vibrant life. We develop a personal plan for daily food menus and activities for each person to provide a rewarding experience. We model our care around six life enrichment pillars:

  • Physical – Exercise classes, walking, and other group activities keep people moving.
  • Social – Games, musical performances, and memory support groups make it easy for residents to stay connected.
  • Nutritional – Delicious, nutritious, family-style dining and food-tasting activities make mealtimes a highlight.
  • Emotional – Mood-boosting activities like meditation, art therapy, and music improve well-being.
  • Environmental – Sophisticated security systems and comfortable, private rooms ensure the safety and comfort of residents.
  • Intellectual – Memory-enhancing activities, such as games and storytelling, support continued learning and cognitive growth.

Benefis Memory Care Facilities

You can rest assured your family member is surrounded by people who make your loved one’s health and well-being priorities. We offer comprehensive memory care services at: