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Emilia Ploplys, MD

emilia ploplys

Dr. Emilia Ploplys is a surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery. She enjoys the challenge of plastic surgery – and the fact that each patient and surgery is unique. A lifelong learner, she continues to evolve and perfect her surgical craft.

She says, “I enjoy the constant self-evaluation and learning needed to achieve best outcomes. I also enjoy the technical artistry of creating a new body image for a patient.”

Dr. Ploplys always puts the patient’s desires first when she is devising a surgical plan. “In plastic surgery, there is no right way a patient should look or feel,” she explains. “The patient is the best and final judge of any result. I try my best to understand the individual patient’s needs and expectations so we can reach their ideal result together.”

Drawn to surgery from a young age, she was inspired by her grandfather who was a doctor and surgeon in Lithuania.

Outside of the operating room, Dr. Ploplys enjoys spending time with her two little boys and tending to her hobby farm, which includes goats, peacocks, guinea fowls, dogs, cats, and a minipig. She also participates in a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, goat yoga, and sailing.