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When You Can’t Wait to Feel Good Again

Sometimes you need prompt medical care even though it’s not a true emergency. And sometimes, you need that care to fit your schedule.

Urgent Care at Benefis Health System can meet your needs with medical attention that is quick, convenient, and comprehensive.

Benefis Walk-in Care is ideal for illnesses and minor injuries that happen suddenly. It offers on-site evaluation and treatment without an appointment.

Benefis Northwest offers similar services with the added convenience of online scheduling. Benefis urgent care and primary care services are now available in a new facility – introducing, Benefis Northwest. The 7,600 square foot facility offers urgent care services, including lab and X-ray, seven days a week. For your primary healthcare needs, the pediatricians and family medicine providers at Benefis Northwest are now accepting patients.

Focusing on convenient, comprehensive care, Benefis Northwest has the services you need to be well.

  • Pediatrics and Family Medicine providers
  • Urgent Care experts
  • Specialized procedure rooms for circumcisions, sutures, etc.
  • X-ray room for quick processing
  • On-site lab offers routine lab draws
  • Dedicated pediatric rooms
  • Spacious exam rooms