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Live Well for a Lifetime

If you’re overweight or at risk for developing diabetes or heart and vascular disease, the Benefis Healthy Lifestyle Program can help. You learn how to lose weight and keep it off by incorporating healthy eating habits and regular exercise into your lifestyle.

The program, led by a team of healthcare and nutrition professionals, offers:

  • A supportive environment to help you achieve and maintain healthy habits
  • Diet and physical activity recommendations
  • Weight-loss and lifestyle goal setting

Cost: The 12-month course, including educational materials and three lab tests, is $150.00. Scholarships may be available.

Class Schedule

The program begins in January and August of each year. For the first six months, you attend eight once-a-week sessions and eight every-other-week sessions:

  • The remaining six months include once-a-month sessions.
  • After you’ve completed the program, you can continue attending the monthly sessions at no additional cost if you’d like ongoing support.

Contact us:

To speak with someone about the Healthy Lifestyles Class, please call (406) 455-2875, or email Marissa Matoon.