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The Meadowlark Initiative

If you are pregnant and struggling with depression, anxiety, or drug and alcohol use, the supportive team at Benefis is here for you. From pregnancy to childbirth, all the way to postpartum care, our goal is to help you and your baby be as healthy and happy as possible.

Substance use disorders and mental health issues affect thousands of pregnant women and their babies in Montana each year.

That’s why we’ve partnered with The Meadowlark Initiative – a collaboration of hospitals and health centers from communities across the state whose goal is to care for pregnant women with behavioral health needs.

The Meadowlark Initiative helps women have healthy pregnancies by working with you to determine your specific obstacles and needs in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment. We’ll help you plan a path to recovery that works for you and help out in many practical ways. You will receive:

  • Obstetric Care
  • Counseling
  • Care Coordination
  • Access to community services

How it works

  1. Clinical team. You will receive individualized pregnancy care from an experienced, supportive prenatal care provider. We’ll treat you as a whole person, and your clinical team also includes a counselor who can help you with common stressors, depression, anxiety, or drug and alcohol use.
  2. Care coordinator. This is your main point of contact and will ensure you get the right care at the right time Your care coordinator will help identify your social needs and help you find and coordinate a community team.
  3. Community team. These are social service providers, peer recovery coaches, and others who can help with services that your family may need, such as housing, healthy food, safety, transportation, and childcare. The Clinical Team and Community Team work collaboratively to form a support system for you and your family.


Supportive, team-based care is proven to make a difference. Through the Meadowlark Initiative, we can help you:

  • Get the care you need to get healthy and stay healthy.
  • Reduce the risk of pregnancy complications like drug exposure and neonatal abstinence syndrome.
  • Keep your family healthy, happy, and together.

Our supportive efforts are making a difference one woman at a time. Seeking help is the first step to living a happy, healthier life for you and your child.

To learn more, call (406) 455-2285.