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Therapies to Help You Recover

The rehabilitation experts at Benefis Teton Medical Center provide personalized rehabilitation services – including physical and occupational therapies – to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible.

We develop a customized treatment plan to help you regain strength, stamina, and function, based on your goals and priorities. You and your therapist work together to help you return to daily activities and the things you love.

Our services include:

  • Occupational therapy – Improves hand and wrist range of motion that’s limited by conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, stroke, hand and wrist injuries, and more
  • Physical therapy – Hands-on therapies – such as ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation – education, and personalized exercises and stretching to improve function, range of motion, strength, and endurance after illness or injury
  • Sports rehabilitation – Customized physical therapy programs designed to help you return to your activity of choice

Customized Women’s and Men’s Health Programs

We help women and men of all ages improve their health and well-being with personalized programs. Whether you want to relieve neck or back pain or gain muscle strength, our rehabilitation specialists design a program to help you meet your goals.

We can design a program to:

  • Improve muscle strength in your lower back or pelvic floor.
  • Increase range of motion and strength in your hips, shoulders, and more.
  • Reduce neck and back pain.
  • Relieve pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other conditions.

Stay Strong Program: Gym Membership

Take the first step in a healthier lifestyle – or take your fitness to the next level – with a monthly membership to our physical therapy department gym. Memberships are open to the community for just $30 a month.

The facility has a stretching area and access to a variety of exercise equipment, including:

  • Arm bike
  • Bench press
  • Recumbent cross trainers
  • Smith machine
  • Treadmills
  • Therapy balls
  • Weight machines

It’s easier to get motivated when you work out with others who are working toward their goals – you get camaraderie and encouragement.

We also offer Silver Sneakers and Silver and Fit programs. Call us at (406) 466-5763, or call your health insurance provider, to find out if you’re eligible for a free or discounted membership.