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Montana’s Most Advanced Care for Newborns

If your baby needs special attention, you can trust the neonatal experts at Benefis. As one of the most advanced NICUs in the state, we offer expert care for premature babies and newborns who need a higher level of care.

Our specially trained NICU staff uses leading-edge equipment to provide your child with exceptional care and monitoring, 24/7. And, through our partnership with Prolacta® Bioscience, we follow a protocol of feeding 100% breast milk to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) babies weighing less than 3.3 pounds.

Neonatologists — doctors who specialize in newborn care — work with neonatal nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and respiratory therapists (breathing and lung care specialists) who all have advanced training working with our tiniest patients. Your baby’s care team also includes:

  • Clinical social workers and nurse case managers who determine you and your family’s needs and provide you with resources and support
  • Chaplains who can offer spiritual support to you and your family
  • Physical therapists who evaluate your baby’s motor skills (movement ability)
  • Specialized care for a variety of maternal-fetal diseases and conditions, including multiple births and other high-risk pregnancies involving obstetrics, medical, surgical or genetic complications 
  • Speech-language pathologists who assess your baby’s oral development and ability to feed

We offer the latest treatments, including sophisticated monitoring and advanced approaches to help newborns with breathing problems.

Family-Centered Care and Support

We understand it’s difficult when your baby is sick, so we make sure you’re involved in your baby’s care, you’re well-informed about what’s happening, and you have the emotional support you and your family need.

Our private NICU rooms are specially designed for delicate newborns’ health and safety. Our quiet, well-equipped rooms offer families privacy and have twin beds to allow overnight stays. You have access to a parent lounge that has a kitchen, washer and dryer, TV, computer access, and educational materials. We try to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.

When you’re away from the hospital, you can still see your baby with our NICview cameras, which provide 24/7, real-time streaming through a secure, online portal you access using your smartphone or computer. You can share the password with family members and friends so they can meet your new family member right away. The webcam gives you added assurance your baby is safe and healthy.

After you and your baby go home, we provide follow-up services through the High-Risk Infant Screening Clinic to ensure your child meets essential developmental milestones. Our NICU team performs comprehensive screening evaluations and works closely with your pediatrician to make sure your child has the care and services they need.