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Ashley Ragas

ashley ragas

Ashley Ragas is a member of the Benefis human resources team who is passionate about helping individuals reach their fullest career potential. She has more than 20 years of diverse human resources experience nationwide with a specialization in talent management – recruitment, training/development, performance management, and employee engagement. She attended the University of Phoenix for Health and Human Services with a minor in Psychology.

"I absolutely love working with people,” she says. “Working in Human Resources comes naturally to me. I love being able to build relationships with employees and in our community. Human Resources provides me an opportunity to stay current on the recent trends in Recruitment, Retention, and Development of employees.”

Ashley also loves working at Benefis, where “We have a wonderful culture that makes you feel like you know every person that you pass in the hall.” She appreciates how Benefis values the people who work here. “There are a lot of internal growth opportunities for our staff,” she says. “Benefis truly invests in its employees.” A good work-life balance is important to Ashley. In her spare time, she enjoys DIY projects and getting outside with her family. She grew up in a small town near Great Falls, and she takes advantage of the camping, biking, fishing, and boating opportunities in the area. She also likes to explore the cultural venues in Great Falls, such as museums, performing arts, and live music.

“Montana has so much to offer, and being centrally located in Great Falls – we are just a short drive away from new adventures throughout the entire state. I constantly feel like I am rediscovering our beautiful state, even having grown up here," she says.

"If your end goal is to work for Benefis Health System, I encourage you to get your foot in the door any way you can," she advises. "As the second largest employer in Great Falls, and a premier employer statewide, we receive a lot of applications. Be your authentic self – organizations hire for cultural fit, alongside your skill set."