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Clinical Experience Program Information & Request Form

We welcome your interest in a clinical experience at Benefis Health System. We have a long tradition of educating healthcare workers, and we are committed to offering clinical experiences that promote the best healthcare today and tomorrow. 

If you are a student in one of the following programs, your requirements for clinical experiences at Benefis will be handled by your school, and you don’t need to read any further:

  • Nursing Program at the Great Falls Campus of Montana State University
  • All Healthcare Programs at Great Falls College - Montana State Univeristy  

All others who are seeking a clinical experience at Benefis need to provide documentation of the following prior to enrolling in a clinical experience:

  1. Current Montana license or certificate if a license or certificate is required for the experience
  2. Current immunization list (see Employee Immunization Requirements)
  3. Liability insurance if the request is for academic credit (schools have copies of students' certificates of insurance) 
  4. Background check (it may be a background check submitted to another organization, but it needs to have been completed within the past year)

During clinical experiences, students are required to follow all Benefis policies, including our dress code. We also require students to wear idenfitication badges. 

Name:  *College (if applicable):  *Program:  *Address:  *City:  *State:  *Zip code:  *Phone:  *Email Address:  *Date your clinical experience begins:  *Date your clinical experience ends:  *Total number of hours required:  *Total number of hours requested:  *PLEASE ATTACH THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS: A copy of your license or certificate (if required for your experience):  *A current record of your immunizations, including current flu and PPD (Click Here to view immunization requirements):  *Liability insurance:  *Background check:  *Signed Confidentiality Agreement  *All application fields must be completed for consideration.