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Job Shadow Program Information & Request Form

Benefis Health System strives to provide a learning environment for individuals seeking a career in the health field through job shadowing. Shadowing allows participants to follow and observe healthcare professionals as they carry out their job responsibilities. These experiences provide participants with first hand observations in health care and a realistic understanding of job duties and responsibilities.

Participants must be at least in their junior year of high school and enrolled in a related high school or college course, or be an adult (18 or older) who has expressed interest in a healthcare career. Participants must meet the eligibility requirements and provide documentation of required references, immunizations or health screens. Response time for this process may vary depending on the department’s availability and program demands.

Please download and sign the Confidentiality Agreement and Job Shadow Policy and Liability Agreement below, as it is required to attach in this application process.

Name:  *Phone number:  *Email address:  *Area you are interested in job shadowing:  *Preferred start date of your job shadow:  *Total number of job shadow hours requested:  *A copy of your Photo ID (school ID, state ID, driver’s license, etc.):  *A current record of your immunizations, including current flu and PPD (Click Here to view immunization requirements):  *Signed Confidentiality Agreement  *Signed Job Shadow Policy and Liability Agreement  *All application fields must be completed for consideration.