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We are a new unit as of 2022 and have the opportunity to build our own team from the ground up!

Prior to being our own unit, this unit would open and close with the census of the hospital and be staffed by Patient Flow nurses and CNAs. Then COVID-19 hit, and it quickly became a COVID Unit for patients needing hospitalization but who did not need intubation. Fast forward two years later, and we have been a COVID Unit three times now and have maintained a census high enough that we needed to make a more permanent unit with its own staff.

This 21-bed unit is fast-paced and takes a large array of diagnoses based on the needs of the hospital. The Med/Surg Overflow Unit is a great place for new graduates to start and gain knowledge in a variety of experiences, gain confidence, and perfect nursing skills and assessments. We believe in growth, opportunity, and are committed to helping you reach your career goals!

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Contact Us

Kelly Carroll
Manager of Med/Surg Overflow Unit
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