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The Medical Unit is one of the largest innovative units in the hospital, boasting 32 spacious rooms.

Nurses here have opportunities to become experts in multiple subspecialties by coordinating with practitioners in areas such as nephrology, hepatology, immunology, infectious disease, endocrinology, gastroenterology, and psychiatry. Patients often have acute and chronic multifactorial diseases that require staff to be continual self-learners and strong critical thinkers. There is a keen awareness of the psychosocial issues faced by patients and families as they cope with new diagnoses and chronic illnesses. Nurses on this unit have a unique opportunity to work within a collaborative framework with the interdisciplinary team. Discharge planning is an important component of the patient’s care; nurses collaborate daily with case managers, pharmacists, and therapists to develop individual patient care plans. Employee satisfaction on Medical is among the top priorities of the unit, providing a professional and stimulating environment where personal career growth is encouraged, strong supportive relationships are fostered, and teamwork is unprecedented.

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Alicia Beagles
Manager of Medical Unit and Patient Flow
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