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Physician Assistant Application

To provide outstanding physician assistant students an exceptional educational opportunity, Benefis Health System has established clinical guidelines for graduate students which requires some limitation on the volume of students. Our goal is to accommodate excellent physician assistant students and develop common clinical education curriculum and timelines for our preceptors. Do NOT contact providers directly to request training rotations. It is possible that Benefis will not be able to accommodate your request as not all applicants are accepted for clinical rotations. If accepted, the coordinator will work directly with Benefis Health System preceptors to arrange your clinical experience. All communication will need to be directly with the coordinator for tracking purposes. Students may not work directly with preceptors unless directed to do so by the coordinator. Students who do not follow the outlined process are at risk of having arranged clinical hours revoked.

  • Clinical requests for 2023:
    • All current clinical requests for 2023 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Clinical requests for 2023:
    • Applications must be submitted by July 1 for desired rotations January through June of the subsequent year.
    • Applications must be submitted by January 1 for desired rotations July through December of the same year.

Please download and sign the Confidentiality Agreement and Immunization Requirements below, as it is required to attach in this application process.

Full name:  *Preferred email address:  *Preferred phone number:  *Current area of professional work:  *Institution you are attending:  *Anticipated graduation date:  *Date clinicals are needed and number of hours you are requesting for each clinical requirement (we allow up to 144 hours in each area) - Please be as specific as possible:  *Total combined hours you are requesting at Benefis Health System:  *Please specify your preferred schedule (this will be considered but not guaranteed):  *

All applicants please upload the following documents:

Please attach a 1 (one) page word document outlining why you are seeking an advanced degree and your future career desires:  *Please attach an updated resume, including your current position:  *Please attach a letter from your academic department, on school letterhead, indicating you are a current student in good standing in your program:  *Please attach a copy of liability insurance (your school will have a copy of the certificate of insurance):  *Please attach a signed copy of our Confidentiality Agreement *Please provide 3 current employment references (name, phone, email, and relationship):  *Please attach current immunizations - See Immunization Requirements)Please attach flu vaccination verification if rotating between November 1 - March 31: Please attach a background check done within the past year (it may be a background check submitted by your school or another institution): Please CLICK HERE to read the Benefis Physician Assistant Clinical Policy. Please print your name in the box below to confirm you have read and understand the Benefis Physician Assistant Clinical Policy:  *