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Patient Flow is a unique group of nurses and CNAs who can’t choose just one team to be a part of, they want it all!

Patient Flow integrates into all the acute care teams in the hospital, including critical care, Women’s and Children’s Services, and Med/Surg. We have an innovative precepting program for the training and orientation of new nurses, expertly guided toward the attainment of relative nursing mastery.

Patient Flow is designed with the new nurse in mind. Not only are Patient Flow nurses able to create a huge knowledge and skill base of different patients and disease types, but they are also able to sample the culture of the staff on the five different Med/Surg specialty units, three women’s and children’s specialty units, and three critical care specialty units. We are committed to helping you find your new home unit or help you grow and learn in Patient Flow if you enjoy spontaneity and variation in your work life.

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Emily Laue
Manager of Patient Flow
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